【外贸增长学院】第15期 !聊城站!解锁独立站+社媒获客营销新出路[College of foreign trade growth] issue 15! Liaocheng railway station! Unlock the new outlet of independent station + social media customer acquisition marketing











On November 2, 2021, the 15th global search [foreign trade growth Institute] - independent station + social media actual combat sharing meeting was grandly held in Liaocheng station. Under the current epidemic situation, it is particularly important for foreign trade B2B to use independent stations, Google, youtube, Facebook, etc. to develop a new way of marketing and customer acquisition with high cost performance. Liaocheng Hongyuan international trade comprehensive service Co., Ltd. specially invited Luo Zhu, CTO of global search Shanghai Branch. Combined with more than 10 years of search engine optimization experience, he shared answers for local foreign trade enterprises in Liaocheng on how to build an independent station and uncover Xiaogao's transformation secrets!
Hou min, general manager of Liaocheng Hongyuan international trade comprehensive service Co., Ltd., made an opening speech. She first extended a warm welcome to foreign trade entrepreneurs and Luo Zhu lecturers who came to study on site, and pointed out that in the context of the global epidemic, digital marketing stepped onto the stage, and traffic has become a necessity for business success. Public domain traffic can only eat mountains, with many restrictions and narrow channels. How to build their own private domain traffic enclosure has long become a hot spot for foreign trade enterprises. Finally, President Hou hopes that today's guest sharing meeting can be a complete success.
Lecturer Luo Zhu shared: the times has given us the best opportunity. No matter what kind of marketing channel we choose, the most important thing is to grasp the trend, land on the existing development level of the enterprise, and give full play to what we can do, which is a breakthrough. As the world's largest search engine, Google has a very high influence in the overseas market. Introducing Google traffic into independent stations and continuously draining independent stations is the most practical promotion method that Chinese overseas sellers can do well at present!
In addition, the rise of overseas social media also provides sellers with an unprecedented dividend. Although B2B foreign trade enterprises do not have a wide range of audience groups, they can still find accurate customer groups for B2B through the tracking of social trajectory, and have outstanding advantages in customer transformation effect.
Lecturer Luo Zhu introduced that by establishing a website in line with Google algorithm and an independent station in line with user experience, we can create a private domain traffic pool for foreign trade enterprises, aggregate the most extensive first-hand traffic, reduce dependence on B2B platform, realize the value of their respective brands, and be stable and easy to maintain for a long time. It also summarizes a set of the most potential online customer acquisition scheme: independent station + seo + SEM + SNS, taking 1 as the fulcrum to generate revenue n + traffic.
In this way, a section of the sharing meeting with full dry goods benefited a lot. 100 + foreign trade entrepreneurs gathered at Liaocheng station to learn together. The whole scene of the meeting was full of knowledge and interest. All foreign trade entrepreneurs present were eager to find new antidotes in foreign trade marketing and increase effective foreign trade knowledge reserves. Although it was only a short afternoon, it did not stop the foreign trade entrepreneurs' interest in Google's sea marketing. They were patiently listening to the industry trend analysis, recording the dry goods knowledge of independent station operation, understanding the methods and skills of social media sea, and interacting with lecturers.


In the future, global search will continue to provide more business opportunities for foreign trade enterprises through technological innovation, product upgrading and service optimization, with rich strategic thinking, help them seize the dividends of new outlets with high-quality functions and services, and escort foreign trade enterprises on the road of Google dream pursuit with scientific and technological innovation!