2021“聊城首届“跨境电商交流会"成功举办2021 "Liaocheng first" cross border e-commerce exchange "successfully held




为推动跨境电商新业态发展, 助力外贸企业做大做强。高新区于2021年3月12日下午14:30至17:30在聊城市高新区湖南路99号人力资源服务产业园人才大厦3楼成功举办跨境电商交流会,交流会邀请到了亚马逊、ebay两大跨境平台的资深讲师以及邮政物流海外仓专家莅临现场进行分享,就如何做好从拓展跨境电商销售渠道,如何拿到跨境电商平台大订单以及卖家扶持政策、跨境电商选品、物流等问题展开了详细的阐述。聊城市高新区商务和投资促进局副局长幺丽娜、其他县市商务负责人以及聊城鸿远国际贸易服务有限公司总经理侯敏一同出席会议。会议由侯敏总经理主持。

In order to promote the development of new cross-border e-commerce formats and help foreign trade enterprises become bigger and stronger. From 14:30 to 17:30 p.m. on March 12, 2021, the high tech Zone successfully held a cross-border e-commerce exchange meeting on the third floor of talent building, human resources service Industrial Park, No. 99, Hunan Road, high tech Zone, Liaocheng City. At the exchange meeting, senior lecturers from Amazon and eBay cross-border platforms and experts from overseas warehouses of postal logistics were invited to share with us on how to expand cross-border e-commerce sales channels and how to develop cross-border e-commerce This paper elaborates on the issues of getting large orders from cross-border e-commerce platforms, supporting policies for sellers, cross-border e-commerce products selection, logistics and so on. Yao Lina, deputy director of Commerce and Investment Promotion Bureau of Liaocheng hi tech Zone, business leaders of other counties and cities, and Hou min, general manager of Liaocheng Hongyuan International Trade Service Co., Ltd. attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by general manager Hou min.


Yao Lina, deputy director of Commerce and Investment Promotion Bureau of Liaocheng high tech Zone, delivered a speech at the exchange meeting. She briefly elaborated the development status of cross-border e-commerce, the development mileage of cross-border e-commerce, and various policies to support cross-border e-commerce issued by the government of Liaocheng high tech Zone, and put forward specific requirements for enterprises. "We will implement a high level of opening up to the outside world and promote the stability and quality of foreign trade and foreign investment. We will open wider to the outside world and participate in international economic cooperation. Promote the stable development of import and export, cross-border e-commerce and other new formats and new models, and support enterprises to explore diversified markets. Under the tide of Global trade digitalization, networking and intelligent development, cross-border e-commerce has sprung up and become a new engine for foreign trade development. It not only starts a new journey for Chinese brands to go to sea, but also is the competitiveness of Chinese made exports.


Jia Yi, a senior lecturer at eBay, mainly explained the government's support for sellers and the recommendation of products in 2021.

亚马逊资深讲师赵连贺,对全球主要跨境电商平台对比分析、亚马逊全球开店商机及海外站点简介、跨境电商上如何快速拿到B端大订单、 传统外贸企业如何快速转型跨境电商做详细细致解读。

Zhao Lianhe, senior lecturer of Amazon, made a detailed explanation of the comparative analysis of the world's major cross-border e-commerce platforms, Amazon's global business opportunities and overseas sites, how to quickly get large b-end orders on cross-border e-commerce, and how traditional foreign trade enterprises can quickly transform cross-border e-commerce.


Li Fei, the operation director of Amazon Liaocheng, shared the details of Amazon's store opening, product selection and operation in an easy to understand way and listed cases.


Zhou manager, regional head of China Post Liaocheng, explained that China Post has unique information, physical, financial network core resources and global postal main channel advantages. Based on the win-win situation, we should give full play to our own industry advantages and resource advantages, including door-to-door collection service, door-to-door delivery service, recipient self pick-up service, delivery service of delivery department, landing distribution service, etc.


Hou min, general manager of Liaocheng Hongyuan International Trade Co., Ltd., summed up the meeting. In the past year, "staying at home" has become the main melody of people's life around the world. Although the epidemic is coming, life still needs to continue. The global residents' demand for food, clothing, housing, transportation and other aspects is more dependent on the "home economy", which makes online shopping gradually replace offline shopping, changes the shopping mode of overseas consumers, and promotes the rapid rise of cross-border e-commerce industry. Looking back at last year's government work report, it was proposed that "we should reform and improve the supporting policies for cross-border e-commerce and other new formats." In this year's government work report, the requirements for cross-border e-commerce are more detailed and clear, and the government emphasizes the task of "accelerating" the development of cross-border e-commerce. Finally, I wish our enterprises sail out to sea with the wind of government policies, and continue to refresh the new image of "made in China" overseas.