聊城鸿远国际贸易服务有限公司总经理南非实地考察海外仓并达成战略合作 The General Manager of Liaocheng Hongyuan International Trade Service Co., Ltd. visited overseas warehouses in South Africa and reached strategic cooperation.




Hou Minyu, General Manager of Liaocheng Hongyuan Overseas Integrated Services Enterprise, was in South Africa on September 2, following the Shandong Business Group, such as Vice-Director Lu Wei, Director Cai and Vice-Director Geng Bingtian of Shandong Business Bureau, to investigate the Johannesburg Public Overseas Warehouse of Texas Jeddah Import and Export Co., Ltd. and General Wen, Chairman of Overseas Warehouse of Overseas warehouse development process and product diversification service areas! Overseas warehouse has 60 employees, including 7 senior managers, 38 sales teams and 15 QC quality management personnel. Sales network is all over South Africa and the surrounding countries, can provide warehousing enterprises with preferential overseas customs clearance, warehousing, distribution and other full process services.
Mr. Wen, Chairman of Overseas Warehouse of Dezhou Jida Import and Export Co., Ltd., led Shandong Business Research Group to visit overseas warehouses, and introduced in detail the products and operation of overseas warehouses. In 2017, the warehouse area expanded to 4700 square meters, with annual sales of more than 280 million rand. In 2018, the warehouse leased a second warehouse with an area of 5600 square meters. In 2019, overseas warehouses developed steadily, and the sales network is radiating to the surrounding countries. It is expected that the total annual sales will reach more than 100 million rand. In 2020, it plans to build 13,000 square meters of warehouses and intelligent office buildings in 2000. Flat rice.
The main products of Johannesburg Public Overseas Warehouse of Dezhou Jeddah Import and Export Co., Ltd. are fence board, color coated board and roll, building template, floor, laser cutting machine, cement board, textiles and so on. They are highly consistent with the products of import and export enterprises in Liaocheng area. Liaocheng Hongyuan and Dezhou Jeddah Import and Export Co., Ltd. have reached a cooperative consensus. We will dig deep into South Africa and its surrounding markets and jointly promote the expansion of overseas markets of enterprises in Liaocheng.
On September 2, 2019, a delegation from Shandong Province visited the import and export warehouses of South Africa Dezhou Jeddah Import and Export Co., Ltd. At the symposium, Wang Bing, general manager of Shandong Xintengwei Import and Export Co., Ltd., a representative of Liaocheng cross-border e-commerce enterprise, introduced to the members of the delegation the development course, cooperation mode and management characteristics of the public overseas warehouse of agricultural machinery in South Africa.
New Tengwei South African agricultural machinery overseas warehouse free warehousing + deep distribution business model, attracted the attention and consultation of snail used cars, three-high-rice machines, Denong agricultural machinery, Beijing Bo agrochemical, Yangtze River grain machinery, Yingge food and other enterprises, expressed a strong intention of cooperation. After the meeting, a number of interested enterprises immediately adjusted their trip to Middleburg, 150 kilometers away with a delegation from Liaocheng Commerce Bureau, to conduct on-the-spot investigation and in-depth understanding of the public overseas warehouse of agricultural machinery in New Tengwei South Africa.
New Tengwei South African Public Overseas Warehouse of Agricultural Machinery is a new public overseas warehouse platform and overseas marketing service center which combines online cross-border e-commerce and offline warehousing and marketing. Xintengwei agricultural machinery overseas warehouse mainly manages agricultural machinery and agricultural assets products, which is different from the traditional overseas warehouse. The main characteristics of Xintengwei overseas warehouse are: first, free warehousing; the overseas warehouse of Xintengwei is open to domestic enterprises free of charge, without any storage fees; second, contractual sale and full purchase. Through more than 40 distributors and more than 100 agricultural stores in South Africa, Xintengwei Overseas Warehouse has built a deep distribution network covering all of South Africa to ensure that all warehousing products can be sold. If there are unsalable overseas warehouses, it promises to buy them out. Third, self-built logistics channels and after-sales service centers. Xintengwei Overseas Warehouse sets up overseas parts warehouse and professional after-sales team through self-purchasing flow vehicles to get through the last kilometer of agricultural machinery foreign trade sales. Xintengwei Agricultural Machinery Overseas Warehouse combines overseas public warehousing with overseas deep distribution, and thoroughly solves the core problems encountered by traditional agricultural machinery foreign trade enterprises in the overseas market development, such as soil and water intolerance, low profits, long supply cycle, after-sales service difficulties and so on.
The visiting enterprises highly recognized the operation mode of Xintengwei South African overseas warehouse, discussed the market prospects of Shandong characteristic superior products such as air-suction seeder, silage machine and deep loosening machine in South Africa, and reached cooperation intention on entering Xintengwei South African overseas warehouse.
In addition, Liaocheng Hongyuan Company, a comprehensive foreign trade service enterprise in Liaocheng, has reached an agreement on cooperation with Xintengwei South African Overseas Warehouse. It intends to take advantage of the platform advantages and localized resources of Xintengwei Overseas Warehouse in South Africa, select influential professional South African exhibitions in 2020, and lead Liaocheng foreign trade enterprises to go to Sea jointly to develop South China in depth. Non-market.