TA超信新模式&海景房燃爆九月采购节 TA Super Credit New Model: Seascape House Burning September Purchasing Festival



TA超信新模式&海景房燃爆九月采购节 TASuperCreditNewModel:SeascapeHouseBurningSeptemberPurchasingFestival 2019年8月15日,聊城鸿远携手阿里巴巴国际站组织了《TA超信新模式&海景房燃爆九月采购节》活动。 OnAugust15,2019,LiaochengHongyuanjoinedhandswithAlibabaInter

TA Super Credit New Model: Seascape House Burning September Purchasing Festival
On August 15, 2019, Liaocheng Hongyuan joined hands with Alibaba International Station to organize the "TA Super Credit New Model - Seascape House Burning September Purchasing Festival".
The meeting invited Xu Wei, who has seven years of supply chain experience and is in charge of the financial non-Northern region of Alibaba enterprises, to share the process and characteristics of letter of credit settlement for foreign trade enterprises in Liaocheng, and then to launch Alibaba Super Letter of Credit, which can be opened to Alibaba or to import and export enterprises. Industry, so that data precipitation on the platform, and then the formation of data to promote orders, orders precipitation data virtuous circle.
For the upcoming September procurement festival, Alibaba Supply Chain Partner Gold Customer Service, Liaocheng Hongyuan excellent lecturer Yu Ruxiu for the import and export enterprises to pass on the rules of the sea view room. "Seascape Room" as a prominent position of the platform page display, greatly increased the exposure rate and click-through rate, Yu Ruxiu explained the rules of different industries seascape room.
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