8月海关经贸政策新规汇总Summary of new regulations on customs economic and trade policies in August



8月海关经贸政策新规汇总 7月接近尾声,自2019年8月1日起,都有哪些海关相关新政策、新规定开始实施?快来了解一下吧金关二期8月1日起,全面切换金关二期加工贸易管理系统按照海关总署统一部署,自2019年8月1日起,加工贸易电子化手册的设立原则上一律通过金关二期加贸管理系统进行,全面停止H2010系统的手册设立、延期(因余料结转、内销征税等特殊情况延期的除外),原有H2010手册可正常执行完毕。为


























Summary of new regulations on customs economic and trade policies in August
July is coming to an end. Since August 1, 2019, what customs-related new policies and regulations have been implemented? Come and find out.
Jin Guan Phase II
From August 1st, the comprehensive management of the second phase of the processing trade management system
In accordance with the unified deployment of the General Administration of Customs, since August 1, 2019, the establishment of the electronic manual for processing trade has been carried out in principle through the Golden Gate Phase II Canadian Trade Management System, and the manual establishment and extension of the H2010 system has been completely stopped (due to the remaining materials). Except for the extension of special circumstances such as carry-over and domestic sales tax, the original H2010 manual can be completed normally.
In order to ensure the smooth operation of the Jinjijia Trade System, it does not affect the normal production and operation of the enterprise. It is recommended that the enterprise be familiar with the operation and related policies of the Jinjijia Trade System before August 1, 2019, and prepare the system for switching in advance.
Electronic agent declaration
From August 1st, Guangzhou Customs and Ningbo Customs fully launched the electronic agent declaration form
On June 11, Guangzhou Customs issued a notice. Since August 1, 2019, the customs no longer accepts the paper agent declaration. Before the transition period of July 31, the customs declaration enterprise can fill in the electronic agent declaration power of attorney, or upload a scanned copy of the paper agent declaration power of attorney.
On July 17, Ningbo Customs issued an announcement and decided to fully implement the electronic proxy declaration (trust agreement). Since August 1, 2019, the customs no longer accepts the scanned copy of the paper agent declaration (trust agreement).
Two-step declaration
The two-step declaration pilot program will be launched on August 24th.
The General Administration of Customs plans to start the reform of the “two-step declaration” customs clearance mode at the Huangpu Customs, Shenzhen Customs and Qingdao Customs. Under this customs clearance mode, companies do not need to submit all the declaration information and documents at one time, and the entire declaration process can be divided into two steps.
Indian Customs Regulations
The new regulations of the Indian Customs will be implemented on August 1st, and the customs value will be required to submit the value data.
The cargo consignors who shipped the goods in India have noticed that since India will implement the new regulations for the manifests from August 1, please export the goods to the ports in India, and be sure to provide the value data. The specific data can be filled in according to the invoice amount. If there is no value data, it may affect the customs clearance of goods in India.
Export Saudi attention
Saudi Arabia has added five more products to the SABER mandatory list since August
A few days ago, the Saudi Arabian Standards Organization SASO issued a new announcement to inform about the latest plans to increase the number of products under the five technical directives that require mandatory application of the relevant certificates through the SABER system. Since August 1, 2019, these five categories of products must use the SABER system to submit applications and obtain relevant certificates.
Relevant export enterprises should contact Saudi importers and testing and certification agencies as soon as possible to complete the SABER certification of these five new products to avoid obstruction when exporting goods.
Dangerous goods
From August 1st, the dangerous goods were misreported and reported a fine of 15,000 USD/box.
On July 2, the shipping company Maersk announced that since August 1, 2019 (starting date of freight), goods exported to the world in Greater China have misreported, misreported and misreported dangerous goods, and related customers must Payment of liquidated damages of 15000 USD / per natural box (approximately RMB 103,200).


At the same time, since August 1st, 2019 (from the date of shipment), the absolute error of VGM weight exceeds 5% or 1 ton (0 is triggered by the small) and the price is USD300/natural box.